Strategy planning
CATIC Logistics Strategy Consulting Project
CATIC entrusts Fablog to conduct logistics strategy advisory After in-depth research and field trip over and over again, finally Fablog put forward two sets of project results
Jinan Inland Port
The project aims to locate Jinan Inland Port as an inland port with comprehensive functions of highway, railway, aviation, with integrated functions such as logistics, port, customs declaration and quarantine; it will be an inland area docking international as well as an open and developing economic zone
China Railway Multimode Transport Logistics Park
focusing on the development of international and domestic railway long-distance transport business, regional transit logistics business, highway-railway multimodal transport business, urban joint distribution business, cold chain business, packaging value-added processing business, supervision and delivery, bonded business and so on
China Coal Energy Logistic Strategy Planning
FABLOG conducts a comprehensive analysis of the current and future railway, water and land transportation conditions of China Coal Group, and draws up a future group sales logistics development plan to guide China Coal Group s strategic decisions
CNPC Logistics Development Strategic Planning Project
Fablog commissioned by the enterprise provided consulting services for its current development, enterprise logistics strategy definition, business development model and investment income estimates
North China Pharmaceutical Group Logistic Strategy Planning Project
Fablog conducted overall logistics strategy planning for North China Pharmaceutical Supplies company, establishing operation warehouse, network system to meet the internal and external market logistics business demand of supplies company
Fablog logistics consulting&planning, experts of logistics and supply chain