Network transportation
Automatic Routing Plan for the Delivery Fleet of MXBC Store
Fablog provides automatic routing planning services for store delivery fleets for MXBC, including route planning, automatic routing, development of routing software, rolling order cutting, vehicle circulation distribution, and establishment of fleet system
BMW National Network Layout and Transportation Option
BMW China invited Fablog to complete customer management software implementation
Deppon Logistic Delivery Center Planning
Fablog was invited to do planning for Deppon Qingdao Logistic Delivery Center Deppon Qingdao delivery center is a experimental center for modern auto equipment Deppon invited Fablog to assess operation and find improving option
MXBC Nationwide Logistic Net Transportation Planning
Fablog provide network layout and transportation planning for MXBC, which included site selection, WH and network planning and etc
Supplier management for Siemens Transportation Systems
The supply logistics and the gradually installation of the vehicles require a high effectiveness and transparency of all information and material flows between the single Siemens locations and even with regard to the suppliers – a large logistical challenge
Novo Nordisk National Logistics Network Layout Planning
Novo Nordisk (China) Pharmaceutical Co , Ltd as a global leading pharmaceutical company delegated Fablog to do the nationwide logistics network planning
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