WH/DC planning
DB Schenker WH Optimization in Changchun
It is committed to provide logistics management services for the whole logistics industry to match the customer demands
Logistics Planning of the South Sugar Plant
Germany Sudzucker Company invited Fablog Company to do logistics design and planning and finished product storehouse design
Automatic Warehouse Planning and Transport Solution for BIOLABOR
In order to maintain the company s continually development and improve its enterprise capabilities, BIOLABOR invited Fablog to do final product storage planning and European transport solution to improve its enterprise efficiency and reduce its operation costs at the same time
Automatic Warehouse Planning for Southwest Salt Company
With the continuous growth of the company s business, the company invited Fablog to do finished goods warehouse design and transportation solutions design so as to better integrate with the international market, to enhance the company s logistics and technical level through this way, reduce company operating costs and improve plant productivity and efficiency at the same time
Logistics Optimization and New Warehouse Planning for Euromar Coffee
As the company continues to develop, it constantly find its operation inadequate So the company invited Fablog to optimize its logistics processes and to design on its new warehouse construction
Automatic Cooling Warehouse Planning for Meatland in Moscow
Meatland in Moscow is one of the largest importers and exporters of the Russian meat industry Due to the continuous expansion of the company, Fablog was invited to build a new 21,500 square meter refrigerated and frozen distribution center
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