Network transportation
MXBC Nationwide Logistic Net Transportation Planning
2023-07-25 14:29:15


Project  Requirement:shop expansion drives WH and network system revolution

As MXBC stepping off Henan province and expands nationwide, number of shops is rise rapidly.It became the first new tea-based drink company which had reached 20 thousand shops in China.

More shops brought bigger pressure for its logistic. “One WH for nationwide” pattern made high delivery cost at the begging.It became more seriously that single WH can not hold the pressure at peak season. The company needs to do the nationwide WH and network planning immediately. 


Option: Five dimensions data analysis

Fablog provide network layout and transportation planning for MXBC, which included site selection, WH and network planning and etc. Based on node\distance, demand, supply and cost, Fablog analyzed WH and network status of MXBC in China. Then we helped MXBC to assess current operation and inefficiency. 

Option: Accurate data model establishment

Fablog set up a accurate county-level site selection data model., to give several site selection options according to the calculation of 2.8 million transportation routes, millions of orders and estimation. Then the optimized option is addressed after combination of local WH resource. 


Option: WH and network structure change forecast

Fablog provide several inventory and trend estimation based on different amount of shops. It is a customized implementation option for different increasing period.  

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