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Automatic Routing Plan for the Delivery Fleet of MXBC

MXBC is one of the current beverage chain enterprises with the largest number of stores and brand influence in the country. As of 2023, the number of stores has exceeded 30000. In 2021, MXBC introduced cold chain drinks, and in the second half of 2022, it began to operate as an independent brand for warehousing and distribution. In 2023, it began to launch a plan for full coverage of cold chain and the final 100 meters of distribution. Faced with the increase in the number of stores, logistics service pressure surged, The existing logistics distribution system can no longer meet the needs of enterprise transformation, so the pilot launch of the self operated fleet distribution model began in early 2023. In the increasingly competitive environment of the logistics market, how to improve the competitiveness of self built fleets, enhance customer satisfaction, scientifically plan routes, and stand out in the fierce market competition environment have become urgent problems that need to be solved.

Fablog provides route layout planning services for the self built fleet of MXBC. In response to the characteristics of high frequency, small batch, fast delivery speed, and multiple delivery points in the logistics of tea and beverage chain enterprises, Fablog helps MXBC establish a complete fleet logistics and distribution system, including: selection of delivery areas, establishment of fleet system, development of scientific routing software, route planning, rolling order cutting, and vehicle circulation distribution. And synchronously analyze the five dimensions of store location, distance, delivery time window, production capacity, and transportation cost, sort out and analyze the warehouse allocation situation in the pilot areas, and help them develop scientific distribution models.


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