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Fablog led the compilation of "One Industrial Standard, Two National Standards"

Fablog is a benchmark company in the field of logistics consulting and planning in China. As the first drafting unit, it has led the preparation of one industrial standard and two national standards. The "Construction and Operation Service Standards for Commercial Logistics Parks" (SB/T 11198-2017) issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China were officially implemented on June 1, 2018; The two national standards, "General Warehouse and Storage Area Planning and Design Parameters" (GB/T 28581-2021) and "General Warehouse Grade" (GB/T 21072-2021), issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation, were officially implemented on June 1, 2022. Fablog has participated in the formulation of national and industry standards multiple times, and my professional abilities as a representative of Fablog have been highly recognized by relevant national departments.

Standard for Construction and Operation of Commercial Logistics Parks (SB/T11198-2017)

Revised standard number: SB/T11198-2017

Scope: This standard specifies the planning, construction, operation, and service requirements for commercial logistics parks. Suitable for consulting, planning, designing, constructing, renovating, or expanding various commercial and logistics parks.

Evaluation content: The commercial logistics park should be evaluated from four aspects: planning, construction, operation, and service. Encourage the construction of green commercial and logistics parks.


General Warehouse and Storage Area Planning and Design Parameters (GB/T 28581-2021)

Revised standard number: GB/T 28581-2012

Scope: This standard specifies the requirements for warehouse layout planning, warehouse design, related facilities and equipment, warehouse signs and markings, information planning and design, and green warehouse construction in the planning and design of general warehouses and warehouse areas. Suitable for layout planning and warehouse design for the construction, renovation, or expansion of general warehouses and storage areas. Not applicable to hazardous chemical warehouses and storage areas.

Revision Summary: Added and improved the definition of core terms; Added relevant requirements for parking lots, supporting facilities, and office (living) areas in the layout of the reservoir area; Added requirements for structural form, fire compartment, tailboard slots, and elevators in warehouse design; Added requirements for facilities and equipment such as lighting, temperature, humidity, and air conditioning in the storage area and warehouse; Added requirements for markings and markings in the reservoir area, as well as information technology; The specific requirements of each part have been refined, and the requirements and expressions of the original standard have been simplified.

General Warehouse Classification (GB/T 21072-2021)

Revised standard number: GB/T 21072-2007

Scope: This standard specifies the classification conditions and facility requirements for general warehouse levels. Suitable for general warehouses and their ancillary facilities.

Revision Summary: This revision has added high-level warehouse level requirements for facility automation, intelligence, and green environmental protection; Strengthened requirements for security management and information technology level; Improved overall requirements for warehouse levels at all levels; Optimized the overall architecture and presentation of the standard.

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