The first forward research and development unmanned transport aircraft in China has started its final assembly

On October 18th, the opening ceremony for the mass production and final assembly of China's first self-developed large-scale unmanned transport aircraft TP500 was held in the Huangbohai New Area of Yantai, Shandong, marking the official transition from research and development to mass production.

The TP500 large unmanned transport aircraft, as the first large-scale unmanned transport aircraft in China to adopt forward design and development, is developed by the First Aircraft Design and Research Institute of China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. and produced by Yitong Unmanned Aircraft System Co., Ltd. It has a standard load capacity of 500 kilograms, a flight radius of 500 kilometers, and a maximum range of 1800 kilometers. It has the characteristics of high intelligent operation, strong flight control, and good transportation economy, Effectively filling the gap in China's aviation logistics large unmanned transport aircraft.

At the commencement ceremony, 8 customers from both domestic and foreign countries signed a total of 216 intention orders with Yitong Drone System Co., Ltd.

The TP series of large-scale unmanned transport aircraft is rapidly developing towards industrialization. After the successful first flight of the TP500, the TP1000 and TP2000 projects have also completed project approval and have received attention and recognition from domestic and foreign customers. On the same day, the development of the TP2000 large unmanned transport aircraft project, which has a larger payload, longer range, and better performance, was also launched.


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