Strategy planning
Wanlian Energy Beijing Logistic Strategy Planning
2023-07-31 16:22:15

Wanlian Energy Group Co., Ltd was invested in eight logistic projects in Shijinghshan,Beijing、Mentougou district and Sanhe, Hebei. They entrusted Fablog to do a strategy orientation consulting for the whole logistic business.

The service includes regional analysis, marketing research, policy support, industry diagnose, strategy orientation, developing theory, industry target, logistic flow, operation and competitors analysis. It facing Beijing and area nearby, and major business is to developing vegetable and fresh delivery, e-economy logistic, cold chain logistic and express distribution.

Based on rich experience, Fablog combined with logistic development status nearby, did analysis each area. We addressed the major industry, serving scope, logistic flow analysis, major products, major suppliers, material type, operation pattern and strategy developing planning.

The entire logistic strategy developing planning includes three areas in Yongding of Mentougou district, Shijingshan district of Beijing, and Yanzhi of Mentougou district. According to the research of nearby market, Fablog locked the developing advantages and prospect of this industry. Those areas have been oriented by function and strategy based on current resource and support policy. It overall settled as a city delivery logistic park which facing Beijing and area nearby with business of fresh delivery, e-economy logistic, cold chain logistic, and distribution.



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