Strategy planning
“Four-Ports-in-One” National Supply Chain System Establishment
2023-08-03 17:04:08

Jinan, as national circulate hub city, taking advantage of supply chain system establishment, breaking through the barrier of logistic transportation, improving Jinan industry,products output and transform, which achieved complementation of economy and industry. It participates in “One Belt One Road” policy positively and takes part in global supply chain division and industry value extend.

Fablog was invited by Airport Economic Zone Authority of Jinan High-tech Committee in 2019, to complete <Land Port, Air Port, Bonded Port, Information Port, Four-Port-in-One National Supply Chain System Establishment Planning>. This project includes target orientation, content frame, Jinan supply chain developing analysis, implementation option, intelligent logistic planning and support measures.

As a logistic consulting company with over 40 years experience, Fablog combined with research of industry, transportation and logistics developing status in Jinan, and study of global supply chain system establishment experience, project team addressed main targets and five major tasks. Jinan should carry forward construction of Four Port-in-One according to multimodal transportation. Four supply chains were suggested for implementation. Meanwhile, the option also gave support measures and four major tasks for supply chain establishment, which made Jinan as a logistics service hub that can serve central plains economic zone, Yangtze River delta economic circle and Jing-Jin-Ji economic circle for transform, distribution, information and finance.


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