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Nanling Intelligent Logistic Strategy Developing Planning
2023-07-31 14:52:04

As the raise of delivery logistic industry, it is one of the highlight of China economy for sure. A lick on phone, online shopping good will be delivered to door. The convenience and speed keep improving the online shopping experience. “Black technology” such as manned delivery, delivery UAV, intelligent security check, keep refreshing public image of delivery logistic industry. All those products are come from a city in Anhui province, called Nanling.

Fablog provided intelligent logistic strategy for Nanling, which include marketing research, industry identification, strategy identification, developing theory, industry target, developing tasks, major projects, and policies, and facing market in China and overseas. The option was aimed to build delivery logistic equipment manufacture center in China, and industry pivot in Asia-Pacific.

Nanling is the intersection of four cities that facing county economic homogeneous competition. Nanling catches delivery industry transformation and upgrading strategy opportunity, and had the courage to exploit resource. They considered delivery logistic equipment manufacture industry as the major industry and found new way to increase economy. National Post Office award Nanling “Domestic Delivery Technology Innovation Experiment Base” which is unique in China.

Fablog was invited by Nanling Science and Technology Office to complete Nanling Logistic Intelligent Equipment Industry Medium and Long Term Developing Planning. Based on rich experience and combined with the latest intelligent logistic equipment application status, the planning had all-round analysis of intelligent logistic equipment industry strategy and development, 2023 targets, short-term and long-term orientation.

The whole planning was constituted by 8 chapters, which are marketing research, industry diagnostic, developing tasks, major projects and support policies. According to study of intelligent logistic equipment industry status and trend, identifying Nanling industry shortage. Nanling positioning as facing domestic and overseas according to its delivery logistic equipment industry. And establish national delivery logistic equipment manufacture center, and Asia-Pacific pivot of logistic intelligent equipment industry. “1+3+1” industry system was raised as well. Nanling will focus on five topics of cost, efficiency, safety, intelligence and green. Relying on its resource, Nanling is going to set up industry advantages,improve application in multi-scenario, and break through at high level. 



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