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Weifang Modern Logistic Developing Planning
2023-07-26 16:50:38

In recent years, globalization, marketization and informatization were developed deep and fast. Global supply chain had changed the world. As the  resource is flowing into cost depression, “One Belt One Road”policy and “Made in China 2025” strategy, global supply chain will rebuild global economic layout. “One Belt One Road” strategy brings big opportunity for transportation logistic, fundamental equipment, international cooperation and etc. This is the window phase for China and Central Asia, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe in investigation and industrial transfer. China is changing her status and character in global supply chain. Weifang is on the leading edge of our open door policy. Weifang should follow changes in world economic and trade layout and participate in the global supply chain revolution. Thus, it is necessary to have characteristic logistic development planning to fit new world economic and trade layout.

Fablog was invited by Weifang government to do Weifang Modern Logistic Development Planning, which is based on international and local cooperation. Fablog analyzed modern logistic development trend, Weifang economic industry status, transportation and logistic development and then addressed “one hub, two centers, five cluster, six fusion” which aims to create China logistic valley in One Belt One Road policy. Weifang will become a node city for global supply chain.

Weifang is an important transport node for Shandong. It is one of the blue economic zones and also one of high-end industry accumulation area. Weifang keep changing their industry structure and improve comprehensive strength.

This planning was constituted by overview, macro-environment analysis, Weifang logistic industry status, Weifang logistic industry advantages and disadvantages, logistics development prediction, Weifang logistic development opportunities and strategy, logistic development identification, development layout, developing key points and projects, developing supporting measures and etc. It is based on Weifang resource, economic industry, location and transportation, logistic equipment and service, and combined with logistic macro-development trend and demand, compared with international and domestic advanced logistic development. Weifang will be set up as regional international logistic node which can provide service for circum-Bohai-sea, facing southeast Asia and connect “One Belt One Road”.


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