Factory logistics
SANY Production Logistic within and without Factory
2023-07-25 17:43:11

As the leading company of heavy manufacturer industry, SANY started lighthouse factory project in order to achieve their development target. Fablog was invited to provide efficient, intelligent, lean and safe industry 4.0 logistic system base on their pumping factory.  


Planning service includes data analysis, pre-production scaled conformity, material on line option, function layout, material dispose and selection, on line delivery, logistic fixed line, line side logistic option, package management, employees and equipment, investment and earnings and etc.



Project highlight: Fablog did research, interview, data collection based on thousands of domestic and oversea suppliers, several series of product, product 4S shops and domestic 16 business unites. Then Fablog get the company’s current logistic situation, found the problems and addressed top-level planning. Meanwhile, project team detailed pre-production, during-production, and after-production planning. The whole option has four steps, and achieve all-process visible, self-immunity, and quick response logistic system. 

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