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Fablog Provides Logistic Planning for Hair Lighthouse Factory

As business development and order increasement of Hair refrigeration appliance, current places and supply capacity can not match the demand of company development and production capacity. They intend to build a modern refrigerator manufacture base in Qing Dao. It aims to be the Lighthouse Factory of global household appliance industry.   


This new factory focuses on the best competitive quality and efficiency. According to new technology, new mode and upgrades of original digital platform, they aims to build a global large-scale customized system for refrigeration appliance.


It is necessary to have logistic planning for new factory in order to achieve high efficiency and advancement. Fablog started the project at the beginning of this year and has already done the planning for 5 months. Based on standard of lighthouse factory, Fablog disassembled entire process from product supply chain to distribution. Logistic solution includes parts safety inventory, on line mode classification, delivery route of each production line, outlay and cache region area estimation of lineside, products auto offline, products WH planning, loading and delivery, request of logistic system, and logistic equipment investment.

Now Hair new factory is building up steadily, and be completed at the end of this year. Fablog and Hair now working together, to establish a customized logistic strategy, logistic standard and pattern. It will meet the need of automation, digitization and intelligent. This will be the logistic all-process intelligent decision after the implementation. 

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