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The Smooth Promotion of the Logistics Planning of the 1,000 Mu Anji Intelligent Digital Logistics Port

The project “Development Strategy and Layout Planning of Anji Digital Logistics Port Park, Special Design of Single Warehouse Logistics” which was planned and designed by Fablog and invested by Anji Transportation Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., successfully entered the final stage.

The report of the 19th CPC National Congress included logistics and information flow into the scope of national priorities and infrastructure that need to be accelerated for the first time. In 2020, the country defined the scope of new infrastructure for the first time and was included in the government work report, which brought new opportunities to the logistics industry. Anji County is affiliated with Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, and is located at the geometric center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, which is famous worldwide for its “First Bamboo Township in China, Hometown of White Tea in China, and the Hometown of Chair Industry in China”. In recent years, the logistics infrastructure of Anji County has developed rapidly. In the future, the total freight volume of Anji County will experience rapid growth since the undertaking of the industrial transfer of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle.

Since the launch of the project in July 2020, the project team of Fablog has conducted a detailed investigation and analysis of the policy, transportation, economy, and industry of Anji County, and positioned Anji Digital Logistics Port as a comprehensive logistics park. The planning goal of the park is to integrate social unutilized logistics resources, support the logistics needs of key customers and establish an efficient logistics service system. Through the step-by-step development strategy, a comprehensive digital logistics port based on the Yangtze River Delta economic circle will finally be realized, taking “The Belt and Road” as an opportunity and modern logistics development planning as a chance, as well as taking Zhejiang local market demand as a guide and the development and construction of logistics parks and the integration of market resources as the main body.

The Anji Digital Logistics Port covers an area of 900 mu and adopts the overall framework of “Seven Zones and Three Platforms”, including a Functional Supporting Area, Multimodal Transport Area, Shared Cloud Warehouse Area, Shared Workshop Area, Regional Co-Distribution Area, Bonded Area, Wharf Operation Area, as well as Public Freight Platform, Digital Economy Platform, and Information Service Platform. Each functional area has a detailed regional division, functional design, and traffic planning, which was highly recognized by leaders and experts at the expert demonstration meeting organized by Anji Transportation Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. Afterward, combined with the development strategy of Anji Transportation Investment Development Group Co., Ltd., the project team provided a detailed and feasible planning plan for the operation mode, organizational structure, personnel calculation and investment income of the park. Now, the project has successfully completed the design of single warehouse in the fifth stage as planned and enters the final completion work of the whole project.

After the official completion and operation, the project will not only provide more than 5,000 jobs and achieve an annual tax contribution of more than RMB 200 million Yuan, but also achieve dual savings in regional economic costs and social costs, greatly promoting economic growth.

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