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MXBC Shops Delivery Motorcade Auto Routing Planning

MXBC, one of the strongest brands influence freshly-made drink company with the largest number of shops, has reach over 30 thousand shops in 2023. MXBC introduced cold chain drink in 2021. They started Songbingbing as warehouse delivery brand, and operated independently from second half of 2022. Since 2023, the company started cold chain all standing plan and last-100 meters delivery plan. Increase number of shops brought high pressure for logistic service. Current logistic delivery system cannot satisfy company transformation. Thus, they launched trial self-operated motorcade pattern. Urgent problems are how to improve self-operated competitiveness, customers’ satisfaction, economic route planning, and how stand out from a rat race.

Fablog provides route layout planning service for MXBC self-operated motorcade. This option aims to help MXBC set up a whole logistic delivery system which focus on high frequency, short run, fast delivery, and large number of distributions. It includes addressing area option, motorcade system establishment, scientific routing software development, route planning, rolling cut-off, vehicle circular distribution. Fablog also analyzed shop location, distance, receiving time window, capacity and transportation cost. Pilot area inventory and delivery status were both sorted and analyzed in order to help MXBC set up a logical delivery pattern. 



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