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Logistics Planning of the Distribution Center and Cold Warehouse in Rainbow Mall

Rainbow Digital Commercial Co., Ltd.(Formerly known as “Rainbow Shopping Mall Co., Ltd.”), established in 1984, has been honored as a Top 100 chain enterprise in China for 21 consecutive years, possessing advanced retail technology research and development and operation capabilities. The company covers four business types, including department stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, and convenience stores, and is committed to developing digital and experiential new retail integrating online and offline, with the main products of packaged food, fresh and cooked food, daily necessities and clothing, achieved annual revenue of nearly RMB 20 billion Yuan.

Up to now, Rainbow has settled in more than 30 cities, including 102 shopping centers and department stores, and 122 supermarkets, with a total business area of more than 4.36 million square meters, which has successfully grown into a leading online and offline digital retailer in China.

In 2008, Rainbow achieved a revenue of RMB 5 billion Yuan, and entrusted Fablog to conduct the logistics consulting work for the new project of “Dongguan Dalang Town Logistics Center”. Based on the business scenario at that time, the overall planning and design of the project were conducted based on meeting the scale of RMB 15 billion Yuan in the future. The automation and information equipment were introduced upon needs, and the overall planning of the Logistics Park, normal temperature storage, cold warehouse, and selecting center was implemented.

Through the planning and design, many short-term achievements have been achieved, including clear functional positioning of the park, transparent inventory management, lean operation process, and efficient logistics services, ensuring the operation of the logistics center project in Dalang Town, Rainbow Mall.

Not only that, the implementation of Fablog’s planning scheme has achieved many long-term achievements for Rainbow, including the establishment of a set of logistics operation standards, the development of a set of logistics management processes, the output of a set of logistics planning methods, and the training of a number of excellent logistics talents, which has provided strong support for Rainbow’s rapid growth in the feature.

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