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The Approved Report on Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Park Project

On July 11, the conference on final planning and design of Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Industrial Park was successfully held. Liu Ming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Cui Kai, Mayor, Luo Yongsheng, President of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Wang Jian, Vice Mayor, Chang Yong, Li Jingxue and the main leaders of relevant units jointly attended the conference.

Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Park is located at the junction of Yanbian Logistics Development Zone in Heilongjiang Province and Harbin Daqi Logistics Development Zone, and in the intersection of two provinces and four cities in Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia, enjoying a unique geographical location. Relying on the surrounding highways, highways and railways, Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Park can quickly and flexibly combine the transportation of highways and railways, and quickly arrive the surrounding areas, including Harbin, Qiqihar, Suihua, Inner Mongolia, Heihe, and Greater Khingan Mountains.

Combining the basic situation and strategic positioning of the Park, Fablog Logistics Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. made the analysis and summarized the report, and concluded that Nenjiang has the advantages of superior geographical location, good agricultural foundation and broad market prospects, but there are also challenges, including the high logistics costs, low professional service level and low resource integration, which limited the promotion role of the logistics industry in regional economic development. The construction of modern commerce and trade logistics industrial park is not only beneficial to strengthen the integration of resources, but also can stimulate the vitality of urban development, so as to promote the high-quality development of urban economy.Soybean and grain commerce and trade, agricultural machinery manufacturing and green agricultural products processing enterprises in Nenjiang have direct service needs for logistics and transportation, including raw material transportation, domestic and foreign sales logistics, and e-commerce logistics. Taking the development of local soybean industry logistics as the core, the Park will realize the functional positioning of combining basic logistics services, logistics value-added services and supporting services, and establish a grain trading center and refrigerated storage equipment, covering food processing and other businesses. On the one hand, the Park puts emphasis on the development of the logistics of means of production radiating around Nenjiang, focusing on the industrial chain related to soybean grain, agricultural machinery sales, mineral resources, home appliances and building materials sales and fruit and vegetable wholesale. On the other hand, the Park plans to build five functional areas, including market gathering area, common distribution area, shared cloud warehouse area, B-type bonded area and comprehensive service area. There are two bilateral four-lane trunk roads in direction of north and south and east and west in the Park.

The municipal leaders agreed that the “Plan” comprehensively reviewed the basis and regional advantages of agricultural development in Nenjiang, analyzed the current development situation and opportunities and challenges faced by Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Park, and proposed the overall requirements, development ideas, key tasks and safeguard measures for the development of the Park, which not only has clear ideas, perfect structure and prominent focus, consisted with the actual development of the Park, but also has rich industrial content and extended the industrial chain, further vitalizes the upstream and downstream industries of non-genetically modified soybeans in Nenjiang, and enable Nenjiang to play a role in the Northeast Asian economic circle.

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