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Fablog launched the planning of Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Park Project

On September 25, Nenjiang held the kick-off conference of the planning and design project of the modern commerce and trade logistics industrial park. The municipal leaderships Liu Ming, Cui Kai, Luo Yongsheng, Wang Jian, and Sun Jianlong, as well as Zhang Yun, the chief expert of Fablog Logistics Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Zhang Hao, the project manager, the municipal special work team jointly participated in the conference.

During the conference, Fablog Logistics Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. demonstrated and introduced the contents on planning and design work, and work arrangement of the modern commerce and trade logistics industrial park in Nenjiang. Meanwhile, the municipal leaders and members of the special working team proposed suggestions on the project background introduction and work arrangement.

The conference emphasized that the idea should be innovated and changed, and the county economic development should be placed in the special plan of the professional team; the radiation effect should be cared, and the development goal of building the economic and social development center in the western region of Heihe River should be focused on, so as to radiate the surrounding areas and expand the radiation scope; the overall effect should be focused on, and importance to the connection between highway and railway, the wholesale industry, and the distribution of agricultural materials should be attached; the comprehensively consideration was highly appreciated, so as to formulate long-term goals, build Nenjiang into an important node city of the “the Belt and Road”, and strengthen foreign trade, especially with Russia; the planning should be scientific, which can be divided into sections, zones and stages. Nenjiang has built two industrial parks and it plans to build an international processing industrial park for non-GM soybeans in China, concerntrates the relationship between the development direction of the soybean industry and the eight industrial chains, and actively explore and optimize the soybean industrial structure; attention should be paid to the development of new industries, and stakeholders should jointly discuss and position new industries.

Focusing on the planning and design of Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Park, Liu Ming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, proposed four requirements. First, the planning orientation of the park should be clear, and the target orientation is the representative characteristic park in Heilongjiang Province and even in Southeast Asia. Nenjiang has the conditions and ability to achieve the positioning goal. Each park in our city has different positioning, and the positioning should be combined with the national industrial policy and reality. Second, the logistics park should combine internal and external, especially the combination of domestic demand and export, establish the entry threshold of the park, strengthen the export of local products, drive the city and surrounding economy, reduce the export cost, pay attention to the market scale, and use modern means to support the development of the logistics park. Third, the development of the park should be committed to modernization. The park planning should focus on digitalization, detail and intelligence. Nenjiang is the supporting area of Heihe Free Trade Zone, and the concept of free trade should be reflected in the planning. Fourth, the Park planning should be expandable. Nenjiang has special geographical advantages, and the current industrial development needs to create a foundation for future development. It should be forward-looking and consider future expectations. Starting from the planning of the Park, Nenjiang is committed to developing the commerce and trade logistics industry into the third leading industry, leaving an imaginable space for future development.

Liu Ming requested that all member units should fully cooperate and closely cooperate with Fablog Logistics Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and suggested that Fablog Logistics Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. could comprehensively play its professional advantages with rich experience and broad pattern, combine the actual situation of Nenjiang, and clearly position, so as to plan and design the modern commerce and trade logistics industrial park properly, and inject new impetus into the high-quality and incremental development of Nenjiang’s economy and society.

On April 10, 2021, the Heihe Area of China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone signed a cooperation framework agreement with Nenjiang Municipal People’s Government. Based on the Northeast Asian Economic Circle, taking the overall revitalization of the Northeast as an opportunity, guided by the modern logistics development plan, guided by the local logistics market demand of Nenjiang, and taking the development and construction of the logistics park and the integration of market resources as the main body, Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Industrial Park will serve as the cargo transfer and distribution center and bulk commodity distribution center, and will establish a complete logistics service function area, and form a logistics and information gathering, which connects with Harbin and Qiqihar and radiates the surrounding cities in the west of Heihe River. First of all, relying on the local and surrounding soybeans and other food industry clusters, grain planting, trade and other resources in Nenjiang, and using the local railway and highway resource system to combine the upstream and downstream of the food production and processing, trade circulation, urban distribution, agricultural cold chain and other industrial chains, to gather and develop the logistics hub economy; secondly, Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Industrial Park needs to expand the distribution service of daily consumer goods, fruits and vegetables, fresh and live products, and expand the profit space of enterprises; meanwhile, the Park needs to have a complete information consulting service system and circulation processing service system. Through the gathering, diffusion and radiation of various types of logistics and related enterprises, Nenjiang Modern Commerce and Trade Logistics Industrial Park can provide integrated services such as regional logistics and urban logistics to the community, and is a comprehensive service logistics park with modern service efficiency and integration of industry and city.


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