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Fablog plans inbound logistics of a new plant for E-Town semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd.

E-Town Semiconductor Technology Co. Ltd. is a global semiconductor equipment company headquartered in China, with R&D and manufacturing bases in China, USA and Germany, mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of wafer processing equipment required in the process of IC manufacturing, and it provides IC manufacturing equipment and supporting process solutions for global IC manufacturers, including dry degumming equipment, rapid heat treatment equipment, dry etching equipment, etc. According to Gartner, E-town's market share for dry degumming and fast thermal processing equipment will be the first and second largest respectively in the world in 2020.

To better meet the growing customer demand, E-town has started planning a new plant in Yizhuang to expand its production capacity and increase output. Fablog was invited to carry out a logistics planning for the interior of the warehouse in the new plant. The project team compiled basic data to analyze the production line rhythm and logistics plan, current and future part types, and flow data, and then determined the current and future logistics requirements and defined the basic data for the logistics solution design. Based on the data analysis results, the preliminary concept plan including warehouse layout planning, which contains the planning of functional areas in the warehouse, AGV solution planning, etc. was completed, and finally the project site implementation support was completed.

E-town Semiconductor is investing more in new products, accelerating continuous improvement of existing products and actively developing new process applications. The new factory is also under construction according to the plan and Fablog is supporting the final implementation of the plan.

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