Taking about logistics outsourcing
2018-12-24 FABULAOGE

On December 6, 2019, Fablog successfully won the "14th Five-Year" development planning project for the modern logistics industry in Jining. The preparation of this topic should not only reach the depth of special planning, but also be a macro and guiding document for the development of the logistics industry in Jining in the future.

Fablog will comprehensively analyze the current status and development trends of domestic and foreign logistics, analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of the Jining logistics industry, and formulate a forward-looking, scientific, and operable Jining modern logistics industry. Five "development plan.

The start of the project also signifies that Fablog special planning workstation has a richer connotation and practical significance in promoting the in-depth development of the city from a broad perspective, in the new urban development concept, and in promoting economic operation.

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