Strategy planning
Strategic Plan for Shandong Gaishi Future Logistics City
2023-11-22 17:27:50

Shandong Gaishi International Logistics Group was founded in 1998 and has been deeply involved in the logistics field for more than 20 years. The group covers a total area of nearly 7000 acres, has a room temperature warehouse of 2 million square meters, a cold storage capacity of 300000 tons, and has settled more than 3000 customers. This has formed a good situation for the group headquarters, Gaishi Guanwei, and Gaishi Jibei bases to cross the Yellow River and integrate online and offline development, creating a Yellow River logistics industry belt that serves Jinan and radiates surrounding provinces and cities. Based on the background of accelerating the transformation of old and new driving forces and the rapid development of the market, in order to further consolidate the leading position of Geshi Logistics in the national brand, Geshi Logistics commissioned Fablog to plan a comprehensive development strategy covering the group and the development strategies of the logistics parks in Jinan, Qihe, and Jibei in 2017.

The Fablog project team analyzed the necessity and significance of building a future logistics city based on the development background of Geshi Future Logistics City. By studying the industrial development situation and logistics development status of Jinan, as well as the global logistics development trend, we will conduct a demand analysis for the Gaishi Future Logistics City. On the basis of completing the requirements analysis, the project team conducts scientific research and planning on the strategic positioning, functional positioning, functional zoning, and operation mode of the Gaishi Future Logistics City. The project team constructs a functional system architecture of "three platforms+six major functions" and tests and simulates logistics application scenarios of "future life scenarios+current living conditions". Based on the planning characteristics of the Gaishi Future Logistics City and the innovation needs of the logistics industry, the strategic plan formulated by the Fablog project team for the future logistics city is divided into three stages of development plans with different years and durations.

In 2020, Jinan City successfully applied for a national logistics hub city with Shandong Gaishi International Logistics Group as the carrier, and the Gaishi Future Logistics City project was positioned as a commercial service hub economic headquarters and a national modern logistics achievement transformation base, driving Jinan to achieve the transformation of new and old driving forces in the modern logistics industry.


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