Strategy planning
CRRC Cold Chain Logistic Demand and Trend Study Project
2023-08-04 10:00:57

CRRC invited Fablog to provide cold chain logistic demand and trend study. Fablog project team conducted a deep analysis of status and problems of national and international cold chain developing environment, market demand, technology equipment. The planning is based on study and identification of cold chain logistic developing trend in China that finding a new opportunity for cold chain. It also combined with company’s core competitive, entire resource advantages and base of cold chain development in order to expand new situation and layout.

Combined with CRRC resource in brand, technique, supply chain and capital, our project team gave strategy planning orientation of “ CLLP(Cold Leading Logistics Provider )”, which could provide whole cold chain solution. It creates new growth pole and value, set up new pattern of cold chain industry that improve high quality development of cold chain logistic. 


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